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Face to Face

The most successful caricature is the one that you make from up close. Interpersonal contact plays a very important role. Each sketch is unique as you! The sketcher through discussion will reflect not only the characteristics of your face but he'll also try to combine elements from your character and body, presented in a humorous way as always.

Have you ever chanced upon a Street Painter who were making Caricatures but you didn't have time enough to stop by? If you didn't have the chance by now to crash into kostis , the Cartoonist – Sketcher, in a touristic place, an appointment in a public place, in his laboratory or even in your place, it would be the best solution to have the perfect caricature quickly and simply.

Kostas has been sketching since 2007 in tourist areas with great success. Hundreds of people have chosen him to make for them, their caricature. See below some of the sketches made with his exceptional method and observe the particularity of each project.

Καρικατούρες απο τον σκιτσογράφο Κώτσο που δημιουργήθηκαν σε δημόσιο χώρο κυρίως στα νησιά της Ελλάδας Σαντορίνη, Λευκάδα και Κως.


Here you can find some samples of Caricatures that kostis the Sketcher has created in public places. Most of them were created during his presentation at some Greek islands such as Santorini, Lefkada and Kos.


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