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Marriage and Baptism are social events hat will always remain our hearts and memories. Most of us give a lot of money for photos, decorations, favors and other usual expenses. If you want to do something special and with humor, you can contact us and we will advise you accordingly. For example, you can print the Caricatures in the Invitational(Click Here) or make something similar in a Wish – List (Click Here).. Also if you wish all your guests to take with them as a gift a little Caricature, go to page . “Event – Sign Up”

Invitation Cards

If you are about to get married and you wish to be humorous then kostis the Sketcher can make to make a caricature for your wedding invitation. For example he can sketch the Bride and the Groom ridding on a scooter on the road to the Church. Definitely your invitations will impress and make your friends feel happy about you.


Wedding Signable - Guest Book

Lately more and more couples ask us to make for them a Caricature in a long paper so their guests can have the ability to write down their wishes around it and then put it in a frame so they can have it as a souvenir. It is admittedly a very good idea. If you wish to have such a great adventure keep reading below.



Here you can find some samples of Caricatures that kostis the Sketcher has created in public places. Most of them were created during his presentation at some Greek islands such as Santorini, Lefkada and Kos.


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