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Cartoon creation

If you wish to have a special Caricature with elements from political cartoons or have a form either digital or printed and wish to add Cartoons on it, then the Sketcher kostis is the one you were looking for. He has the ability to have your special Caricature done either in a digital form or Sketched on a piece of paper. See below some examples

Usually people ask, which is the use of a Cartoon? In many cases we answer. A Cartoon can be given as a special gift or or get printed on an invitation. A Cartoon can also be included in corporate presentation e.t.c. The Cartoon you see above was given as gift during a Corporate presentation.

The cost of a special Caricature depends on it's complexity, form and actually at the needed time for the construction., the Sketcher has started his career in 1991 as a political Cartoonist. He has worked for many newspapers and magazines of any type and he has also created hundreds of Cartoons. He has also participated in two Panhellenic exhibitions of Cartoons.
He was one of the first in Greece to publish digital Cartoons on internet and entertainment portals such as (Founded also). His long experience and critical look at the events where he choose to participate can guarantee a very good cooperation.

Selected political Cartoons of the Sketcher

Επιλεγμένες πολιτικές γελοιογραφίες του σκιτσογράφου

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Here you can find some samples of Caricatures that kostis the Sketcher has created in public places. Most of them were created during his presentation at some Greek islands such as Santorini, Lefkada and Kos.


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